Tuesday, April 8, 2014

4 Months Old

Biscuit's Notes:  Can you tell I am everyone's best friend?  Everyone I meet loves me because I am such a great little puppy.  That big soft pillowy dog absolutely LOVED me, he let me just sleep right on him!  That little dog loved me too!  She let me chase her all over the house and loved to play hide and seek.  That baby loves me too.  He even knows how to say my name and screams it all the time:  NO!  No! No. 

Lia's Notes:  Ok I know everyone thinks the puppy is SO special, and I admit he was cute for a while but look at how BIG that furball is!  It has gotten old, believe me when he plays his favorite game:  walk Lia (grabbing on to my collar and tugging) he does not look little or cute.  I am busy busy busy teaching him all my tricks.  I have taught him how to give ME the bones, how to dig in the yard and be the one that gets in trouble and how to switch food (so I get the yummy puppy stuff!).  I also steal all the treats when I can lie down on command.  The silly puppy just sits there, no treats for him!   Yep, I am still the queen of this house.  That is until he gets to go on all the fun outings and I get left behind and can't decide if I am really sad and jealous or just grateful for a few minutes peace and quiet. 

Susan's Notes:  This puppy sure has grown.  I look at him and I don't see much of a puppy any more.  He is almost ready to be a dog and all his learning and training is really starting to show.  All of that little stuff we have been working on is starting to add up.  He is almost 100% completely house-trained, crate-trained and working on being obedience trained.  Working on it.  He went to the vet and was a little bit of an embarrassment showing off only his ENERGY.  Since then we have been working harder and harder to get that energy out in more productive ways like long walks including the mall.  He also gets to run errands with me, go out to eat and for real treats: go back to work!  I think he prefers my babysitting, to going to the library and sitting quietly: can you believe that?  Both prove to be a challenge for ME because I have to teach him to be on his best behavior no matter where we are.  He LOVES attention and sometimes keeping his attention on me is a great battle.  We are also fighting his fears of:  the dark, other dogs, brooms, garbage cans, and a few other things.  We are also fighting against his stubbornness, I don't know why but he HATES to lie down!  He can do it, but this one is harder to train and we will have to keep working.  Even though he may look like a young dog we both have a lot of learning left to do and can always keep getting better.

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