Tuesday, September 29, 2015

9 Weeks Old

Nelson's Notes:  You should see how much I have grown in just a few days!  I am learning a lot.  I know my name, know how to sit and am starting to practice a few more commands.  I love to run and play.  I love to play with my toys, but I am happy to share with the big dog when she asks (or takes). I also love to just hang out by myself on the cool tile floor or hide behind the big bush eating grass when I can slip away.  I do not like a lot of things too.  I do not like wearing a leash and when I went for a walk on that leash I simply refused to go.  I do not like that leash.  I do not like it here, I do not like it there, I do not like it anywhere.   Well I take that back,  I like that leash when I put it on and get to play and have adventures.  Those are fun!

 Lia's Notes:  I keep waiting for him to disappear like some of the other dogs, but this one is not going away so I am starting to accept him.  Sigh.   I guess he is not so bad.  I taught him how to play chase and tag, but he gets confused and thinks we are playing hide and seek.  I do not like hide and seek so I get bored and wander off.  Then he chases me again.  My other favorite game is Who's the Boss  because I always win.  I am not sure he even tries that hard, but that is ok with me too.  I also am getting better about sneaking his food and toys because he gets the good stuff and it is not fair, he needs to share with me.  After all, I am the boss.

Susan's Notes: Has it only been 10 days?  I feel like it has been at least double that, especially because I am SURE Nelson has doubled in size since I got him.  I was shocked when I counted tonight and determined that he was only 9 weeks old.  He is going to be a BIG boy!  I am pleased to say that he does love to play, is eager to try new things and work on new tricks.  He and my keeper dog, Lia, are getting along much better and they almost look forward to seeing one another.  However we do have a LONG way to go.  House training was not as instantaneous as I thought it would be.  Nelson is also very stubborn and independent and still lives up to the name No Fear Nelson.  For these reasons I have been VERY nervous about taking him to school with me.  Up to this point we have been blessed to have my mother's help during the day, but tomorrow he will start school.  We had a practice day last Saturday and except for one little incident he was an ANGEL, I got so much work done!  Now we are going to add a lot more teachers, many kids, and a real-demanding workload and I am hoping and praying that he and I can pull it off.  Luckily we go to the wonderful Malvern where we have nothing but support and I am confident that it will all work itself out.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Nelson Arrives!

Nelson's Notes:  I am 8 weeks old.  I have left my litter mates behind and I am ready to conquer the world!  I have no fear.  I want to explore everything I can, run everywhere, chase everything and chew on most things.  I admit some of these new experiences are a little scary and that makes me cry but I am learning that they turn out pretty well and it might be better to just quietly go with the flow and have fun.

Lia's Notes:  Another one.  She brought home another puppy.  Sigh.  I wanted to believe it wasn't true so I spent the first day avoiding him, he did not go away.  I spent the next day ignoring him, he could not be ignored.  My next step is to reclaim my house, and everything in it.  That little bed: mine.  Those little bones:  mine.  The yard:  mine.  That person:  mine.  The person told me I have to be gentle, and I want to make her happy so I will gently quietly reclaim my place as queen.  That will show that puppy.

Susan's Notes:  I have had Nelson for about a day and a half and I am shocked at how much I am learning already.  He is not my first puppy, and sure I forgot how LITTLE they start out and how every little thing has to be taught slowly and purposefully.  I forgot how torturous the cries could be.   Those are all things, I think I will quickly forget again as I get wrapped up in the learning and teaching that comes with a new Canine Companions for Independence puppy.  I have learned that puppies have VERY different personalities and Nelson's strong independent personality is more striking than any puppy I have had before.  I believe this will work in his favor.  He takes on every new challenge with joy and comes out the other side smiling.  He also makes ME think a little bit harder because I need to be one step ahead of him.  He can be a very quiet little entrepreneur and I know I will need to work hard to show him who the real queen (person in charge) is.   He will be a lot of fun to train and I do think he can make have a wonderful future and career ahead of him.  Like all the kids at my school, he too is college bound.