Saturday, March 15, 2014

3 Months Old

Biscuit's Notes:  I am such an awesome, smart little guy and everyone loves me! That is why I prance around and get to go see everyone! So they can love me and give me attention. And treats. I like the treats I get too. I have been getting out a lot and when I do I draw all kinds of attention. Everyone says what a pretty good dog I am. Then I JUMP on them! All over them! I love people.

Lia's Notes:  That little furball is my new favorite playmate but I am also very jealous. I watch him get to go in the car and go on walks and I want to go too. I like it better when everyone is home together. I am teaching the pup how to play my favorite game of tag. I love to roll him over and run and tag and I always win!

Susan's Notes:  It has been a very busy and hectic and crazy time for me. Since my last post, we had some very long and cold days without heat due to the furnace dying. Then poor Biscuit has had some issues with infections that we hope will quickly clear up. On top of that, I have a lot going on with school, so I have started taking Biscuit with me at night. He has been to a couple of meetings and while he did ok I am learning how to train him to ONLY pay attention to me and to lay quietly for long periods of time. Then when meetings are done we have put in some late nights at school working on the computer and setting up the Book Fair and he has been a champ. Our excellent janitorial staff has been so nice about seeing him and letting him do his job. I am so proud of him staying quiet and trying to behave. He only barked once! There are some monsters in the StoryTime pit at my school because he was very vocal about them! :-) Biscuit has also been accompanying me to my second job as a babysitter and he loved it, and the kids loved him. He and that little guy above are about the same height and both love to chase balls! They got along fabulously until they both crashed. Biscuit is really showing great strides and I can't wait to start him in Puppy Kindergarten soon. Once he settles down he will be great, now I just need to learn how to encourage him to settle down on command! Always something more to learn! :-)

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