Saturday, April 12, 2014

Biscuit goes to the Store

Biscuit's Notes:  I found a new favorite place!  It has moving doors, carts with wheels, lots of people to love me and SMELLS!  Lots of fun smells.  I want to go back and explore all the smells!  I know I shouldn't but I tried to follow them a few times until I got tugged back in place.  I am also not sure about that big black wheeled monster.  He was quiet and did not attack me but I was still a little wary of him.
Lia's Notes:  They left me behind.  Again.  Oh well, time to get caught up on my reading!
Susan's Notes:  He was soooo good, the picture is worth posting twice.  I was a little nervous about taking him to the grocery store, but he did so well.  He walked at a heal (until smells distracted him and that really was not that bad), paid attention to me, sat on command and was overall on his best behavior and this was AFTER I took him to the doctor with me and he was on his best behavior there too.  The only problem we had was when it was time to check out.  I don't know if it was the sounds, the people, the cart or just too much but he lost focus and wanted to leave before I was ready to.  Something we will have to work on, but isn't attention span something every little one needs to work on?  :-)  We hope to continue the good work and next time try a busier time of the day or maybe even a bigger cart.....though I need to learn and practice how to juggle a puppy AND a takes some skills.  Something to learn for next time......

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