I have a new puppy.  
His name is Biscuit.
He is no ordinary puppy.
Biscuit will be an assistance dog for an organization called Paws With a Cause.
He is going to learn to do some really awesome things.
For right now, I am learning about all the things I need to teach him.
To learn more about Paws With a Cause, check out their website:
Check out books about Assistance Dogs in the Dassa McKinney Library: follow this link and click on the Assistance Dogs resource list in the middle. 
To learn more about Assistance Dogs online:  check out this link.

So why did I create this site?  To share with my students what Biscuit and I are learning.  
Learning is not always easy.
Learning can be fun.
Learning can be a lot of hard work.
Learning can take a lot of time.
Learning is worth it.
Learning is never done.

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