Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week 5 and 6

Biscuit's Notes:  I am getting big and learning new things every day.  I had a great time playing with the little boys across the street while my human was away but I missed my big dog.  I have mastered sitting and my favorite: JUMP!  I can jump onto the furniture, over those gates in my way and onto big dog, big humans and my favorite: little humans!!!   I also like getting treats so I try to learn a new trick like down or shake and then I JUMP!  I am too cute.  I also have come to love that car, it takes me fun places where I can prance around showing off....but not jumping too much.

Lia's Notes:  I will admit it.  I kind of missed that little furball when he was gone.  But not as much as I missed my human!  She left me.  :-(  He still loves to jump and follow me all over but I am showing him our big yard as it starts getting warmer and I am jumping up on the couch and bed because I am allowed up here and he is not.  :-P   He does not like to come when he is called so I have to teach him come.....because when I do, I get treats too.  :-)

Susan's Notes:  I had to leave my pups to travel, and though I had a GREAT conference experience, I learned a lot (including the fact that I should make this blog), and I knew that they were in the best hands with my wonderful neighbors....I admit I missed them, a little.  However, since this "sleeping Biscuit" is rare (especially when I need it), I did enjoy sleeping in and the freedom for a few days.  When I got back I swear my little puppy turned into a teenager!  He must have doubled in size.  I keep working with him to learn new, and master old, tricks but he still has too much of that jumpy puppy in him most days.  What shocks me is I can put his vest on and (most of the time) he turns into the most polite, well behaved dog in public.  This week we were really brave, we visited our first sit down restaurant: Eat n' Park...where he did pretty well..............the second hour when he fell asleep.  Then yesterday we really ran around and did a lot of errands:  we went to Ross Park Mall, Get Go, picked up Chinese food, the post office and Costco.  We also visited my parents where we shared Chinese food, braved sharing the same room with their big scary dog and did taxes.  I will admit Biscuit made it through it all like a CHAMP!  He was great everywhere......I on the other hand need some work.  I need to better work on encouraging heal and down and most of all saying, "No, please let him be.  He is working and can't be pet right now."  I had at least one person in every place try to pet him, and the lady in the Chinese restaurant HAD to hug him and let him adore her.  It is hard to say, no please let him be.  I did say it at Costco, and people were nice about it....but I learned my lesson:  NEVER visit Costco on a weekend again!  That place is crazy, and add a puppy and I should be labeled crazy too.  I am not crazy though, I am learning.

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