Sunday, January 19, 2014

Week 1

Week 1

Biscuits Notes:  I am learning a lot and having a lot of fun!  It is fun to chase that other dog and chew her tail, it is fun to run around in the snow, it is fun to play with all of my toys and to cuddle with my new favorite pillow or a warm blanket.  I was showing off how well I can walk on the leash, sit when asked and come when called (I get called a lot when I start playing with those cords!).  I am a smart guy.

Lia's Notes: I have learned that I can hide from the puppy if I run upstairs or outside......and I sometimes need to because he loves to jump all over me.  But.....he is cute and I kind of like him.  I especially like running around outside and playing tag with him but when he tried to cuddle up with me that is just pressing it and I need to get up and walk away.  He knows who the boss is.

Susan's Notes:  That pillow has been sitting there for 8 years waiting for someone to love it.  I am shocked at how well Biscuit is doing.  While he will have a small accident in his crate when left all day, he is otherwise doing exceptionally well house training.....not a single accident!  He is also catching on to our games about sit, heal and come.  Also I can get his attention when I ask for it.  Though heal is a challenge as he cannot stop bouncing rather than walking! :-)   Ron (our trainer from Paws) helped show us some things to work on and helped us have our first successful outing to the local mall where we sat in the food court.  I had taken him to a meeting earlier in the week where he did great but got too much attention, I need to learn how to say "No petting, sorry he is working."  Some tips from fellow puppy raisers gave me hope that I can do better next time.  This is all despite the fact that I was incredibly sick with flu like symptoms all week.  Biscuit was the positive light in each day. 

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