Sunday, January 12, 2014

First Weekend

First Weekend

Biscuit:  I cried and cried in that kennel all night and slept all day.  However, you can see my intelligence and personality shine through.  I was actually very quick to catch on to housebreaking.....we went outside a million times but had no accidents on Saturday and only needed to be out out once in the middle of the night.

Lia's notes:  I REALLY ignored that new little fur monster, as a three year old would ignore a brand new baby.  He wasn't interesting enough to play with (not that I am into that thing) but I also did not want to cuddle. He ALWAYS wants to cuddle! Here you see poor Biscuit trying to curl up with my tail….I just got up and walked away from him. 

My notes:  thank god for the weekend! And the fact that I could make Biscuit my priority.  Both helped because I was exhausted exhausted.  I actually looked forward to going back to work Monday.  However, I also loved cuddling.  Don't tell Ron(my trainer for Paws with a Cause) but I let Biscuit sleep on my lap with the electric blanket just to get some real rest. 

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