Sunday, January 26, 2014

Week 2

 Week 2

Biscuit's Notes:  I love being a puppy!  I  run around this house like a crazy man.  I jump all over the big dog, the lady and well everything!  I cannot walk without bouncing.  I love to chase the ball, play with all of my toys and especially with the big dog.  I want to cuddle with the big dog but she doesn't seem to like that idea.  

Lia's Notes:  You can't catch me!  I like to play with this ball of fur even if he does jump too much.  I especially like to eat his food and steal his toys!  I like to roll him over on his back and pretend like I am going to eat him up!!  Then we can run and play tag!  He only bothers me when he tries to get a toy back (but he knows who the boss is) and when he is constantly trying to sit on me.  

Susan's Notes:  What a roller coaster of a week.  It is extremely cold and snowy here and this poor pup needs to run outside but alas he is cooped up inside all the time.  We try to exhaust him in other ways but I have to admit after a long day at work or when he has had me up once in the middle of the night and again at 5 am sometimes I don't have the energy to keep up.  I can't wait for warmer weather.  He was doing great house training until this
morning when he had three accidents!  It was a long morning.  On a better note thanks to a 2 hour delay on Friday Biscuit had his first outing to a restaurant.  Like most little ones we ventured to McDonalds and I thought he did pretty well.  I also have to note how my heart lifts every time I see he and Lia together and they keep getting better.  I posted an extra pic below.  This is how they were at the beginning of the week and how Lia is with most dogs.  She ignores them.  They don't make her tail wag and she does not like to play or cuddle.  She also is not real big on dog toys.  That changed at the end of the week, suddenly she loves his food, his toys and even he is growing on her.  For him to get THAT close is something of a breakthrough for her.  Many people have asked me how I will be able to give Biscuit up, but maybe it will be harder on Lia than I.  But we are going to love him for now!

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