Monday, October 12, 2015

11 Weeks Old

Nelson's Notes:  I am the best little dude.  I am so awesome I am the youngest student at school, and I made it a whole week!  I am still not sure what I think about this whole school thing.  Part of me LOVES it, I get so much attention (which I love) and I get extra time to practice and show off all I am learning but on the other hand it is really hard.  I have to be good all the time, but that is not that hard for me.  The hard part is ignoring all the kids and the smells and following my human.  There are SO many times when I want to go in a different direction, say hello to someone, chase a smell or pick something up off the floor and I am told no, pay attention.  Paying attention is hard!  I think it might be worth it though because I had special guests on Friday.  I think it was a treat because I had been working so hard, I had kids come and read to ME!  I loved it.  The last stories were so good, they even put me to sleep.  I am going to try to be good again next week so I get more treats like that.

Lia's Notes:  Ok, this puppy is getting old (and bigger by the day).  I think I am over him.  He exhausts me, quite literally.  He forgets daily the lessons I have given him over and over about who the boss is.  I am ready to just give up on him, but then when I try to ignore him.........he always seems to lure me into playing.  He is sneaky like that.  I also don't like how he gets so many treats, and for such EASY things.  I do what our human asks right away, trying to get his treat but it does not work.....he still gets the treat.   Sigh.  When is the puppy leaving?  

Susan's Notes:  Nelson is SLOWLY making progress, but it is a slow and steady race.  This past week has been a VERY busy and intense one for him and I am proud of how well he has done.  He started school and is settling into a routine.  Right now he is practicing walking on a leash, paying attention to me but ignoring everyone else (which is really hard for everyone else too!),  and a few other tricks we are introducing.  At 11 weeks I do have to remember that he is still a baby and does MUCH better when he gets his rest and naps.  He will quietly go into his corner and play during the school day.  He will even put himself in the crate and just fall asleep there.  On Tuesday I had a late meeting and he charmed everyone.  He played quietly, but then rolled over and started playing with his cape and trying to eat it.  I told him no and gave him my best teacher look, and he was stubborn:  he did not give up the cape (if you look closely at pic on the left it is still in his mouth) but he did stop chewing on it and just fell asleep, even worse he started SNORING, during my meeting!  Thank goodness he is cute.  In some pictures you will start to see a blue thing on his nose.  This is his gentle leader.  He is getting better and better at wearing it, which will be useful in his advanced training.  He also went to his second puppy class, which he liked because he got to show off and see other dogs but when he did not get play time like last week, he was a little disappointed.  He would do a DOUBLE class if it meant getting playtime.   On top of all of this, he had his first visit to the veterinarian.  Everyone loved him there and they gave him a glowing report.  Lets hope that the good times just keep rolling!

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