Thursday, November 26, 2015

4 Months Old

Nelson's Notes:  I am the champ.  I am self confident, no fear and take on everything with joy.  There has been so much going on this month I don't know where to start.  I am now 35 pounds of awesomeness and everyone is shocked that I just keep getting bigger.  I thought this was cool too except I can't fit under my favorite pantry shelf anymore.   I am about the same size as the big dog but I still let her think she is the boss, most of the time and even let her drag me on the ground.  Cause I am cool like that.  I got a new bigger kennel at work and I like having the room to spread out.  I am getting used to the routine at work and like the opportunities to show off all of my learning.  I am happy to get "dressed" and hop in the car (surprisingly jumping in still challenges me) and go to school each day.  Everyone loves me there!  That is because I am the champ.

 Lia's Notes:  Champ? I guess.  I hate to admit it but I like the little champ the best of ANY of the dogs we have ever had.  I look forward to him coming home at night.  I like to play with him, including games of chase and tug-o-war. He came home with a booboo the other night and I had to lick him, just to make sure he was ok (he was).  I let him lay near me and don't tell but I know he is not allowed on the couch or bed so sometimes I lay on the floor just to be with him.

Susan's Notes:  He is a CHAMP.  This has been a long month and I keep making his training a little harder but he meets each challenge with a smile and really does not give me much trouble.  (Though I do have to admit it was embarrassing when he broke down the baby gate at 4:30 one day as our staff meeting ran on and on and just basically announced "I'm done, time to go home!") He also has a lot of character.  He loves to cuddle, and his absolute favorite toy is the bear which has a little squeaker in it.  He will play with it most when he is bored and as the days get too long at work he will sometimes squeak it in an alarm like fashion saying "let's go home."  Shake is actually a challenge for him as he wants to do more of a high five and we need to work on slowing him down.  He "gets" what I am asking and looking for and has started to try to anticipate my wishes, because of course he loves his treats.  I had a conference before Thanksgiving and he got to stay with two different experienced puppy raisers and this was great for him because he got to experience training from someone different.  He did play with new friends (top picture in the garden) and get REALLY spoiled with new toys (top picture with all of the toys) but they said he was very good.  They even helped me get his nails trimmed.  This is something we are struggling with but I think it is more me than him.  I am also excited that he is now fully vaccinated, got his big boy cape in the mail and is now free to visit public places.  We need to start slow and with the Christmas shopping season upon us we may not get too crazy but we will start sneaking him in a few places.  Let's hope he continues to show the world what a champ he is!

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