Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Biscuit Visits the Beach

Biscuit's Notes:  I went to the beach!  It was sandy and wet and at first I did not like it.  I am not the kind of dog that appreciates being dirty.  I even clean my face after eating and let me tell you: sand + water + puppy = a mess.  There were also a lot of temptations on the beach:  little kids, balls, other dogs, seagulls, and more!  But I was a good puppy and every time I was told to "leave it" I did.  I watched many other dogs surf the waves, jump into the water to chase balls and by the end of the week I was ready to conquer the water.  I tried, I really did!  I chased that water all over!  But I could not catch it.  I did have a lot of fun though.  I also really liked those other dogs that I got to play with at the house.

Lia's Notes:  I was having a GREAT week, I was the only dog allowed to play with the little kids because the pup could not stop jumping and calm down.  Then they left me.  Not just for a couple of hours, not just for the day, for a LONG LONG time.  I was sad.  A nice lady came to walk with me, but its not the same.  I decided once they got home I was going to be the jumpy one and then they will never leave again!

Ruby's Notes:  Another dog?  First the rat invades my home, then they bring home a puppy that thinks he is part boxer, part kangaroo, part trouble-maker, and now they let ANOTHER pup in the house?  What is next?!  I gave him a chance though, and he is not that bad.  He likes to play, but accepts that I am the boss and will just be chill.  He might actually be better than the other puppy.  Think we can trade them and just keep this one?

Teddy's Notes:  I do not like this pup.  I do not like him outside, I do not like him inside.  I do not like him in a crate, not on my rug not upstairs or down.  I do not like him anywhere.  I am ten pounds of pure meanness, but don't let my size fool you....I control the other two dogs and with a simple command, a small bark or growl and that pup will be scurrying for safety.  I have had it.  No more puppies!  No more I say.  If I let them get away with this, what is next?!

Simba's Notes:  I actually like the puppy.  He is my size and likes to play.  I can tell.  I don't know why I have to be in the crate every time he comes out to play.  I do what the little dog says, I try to play.  I am really really good at playing.  So what if I get a little carried away?  It is all in good fun, right?  No?  Ok, I will be good, can I come out to play now?  No?  Sigh.  Really loud sigh.  Moaning sigh.

Susan's Notes:  I recently took Biscuit on the LONG drive from Pennsylvania to Jacksonville Florida, where I was to dog/house sit for my sister while she and her new husband finally went on their honeymoon.  They left behind their three dogs:  Ruby is an older (6+ years old) lab mix that was originally my brother-in-law's dog; Teddy, who is the little (rat) Dachshund/Chihuahua mix that has a Napoleon complex and was originally my sister's dog; and the puppy they adopted together:  Simba, a boxer/pit bull mix who is only about 8 months old.  Biscuit was GREAT through it all.  He was quiet and patient on the long drive.  He tried to be a good guest and play nicely with the other pups.  He was great, but Simba just did not play nicely so they traded off times when each was in a crate.  He was patient about that and loved the long walks on the beach that provided the exhaustion to make it work.  He got along great with Ruby and learned to tolerate and manage Teddy.  I was a little shocked that he did not like the ocean more.  It was HOT there and the water was just the right temperature, other dogs were jumping in.....and I thought Biscuit loved the water:  he loves showers, baths, and getting wet.  I think the waves intimidated him, but finally he got the hang of it on our last day and to see him chasing the waves was great fun and a wonderful memory.

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