Friday, June 20, 2014

7 Months Old

Biscuit's Notes:  I don't wanna grow up!  I love to chase my tail and chase balls, and chase the big dog and I REALLY want to chase the running kids.  My human keeps using words like sit, down, stay.  I want to make her happy so I do what she wants, but......I look at everyone else having fun and I want to play too.  My favorite word?  Free!  Then I know it is time to play.  I was in the puppy class at school and I was the STAR!  I loved those other puppies, I loved going to class and playing.  Now, the classes have changed.  The dogs are older.  They are more serious.  I have to pay attention, until it is time to be FREE!  Then I can chase my tail, and balls, and the other dogs.......but I am never allowed to chase the kids.  I know that.  I am a good dog.

Lia's Notes:  I am the most patient dog in the world.  I am the good dog here.  Every time the puppy is told to do something, I do it FASTER!  Then I get his treat,  then he watches me, does it and gets another treat.  No fair.  Who say's you can't teach an old dog new tricks?  I am learning a lot too.  I am learning to sit, stay and NOT growl and bark at the ringing of the door bell.  I am learning to laugh at the puppy EVERY single time he thinks he finds a new toy!  It is hillarious because it really is either:  A.  The toy I hid from him or B.  His tail!  His TAIL!  He will chase that thing, roll over and play with it and thinks it is the best toy ever.  He is soooo funny!  My own personal entertainment system, and I deserve treats for all my learning too.  Plus I'm faster.

Susan's Notes:   Over the last month Biscuit has really grown up.  He graduated from puppy class but I think his whole attitude is starting to mature.  He is not such a baby anymore, really starting to go from puppy to dog before my eyes.  Classes and demands are getting harder and longer (aiming for a ten to twenty minute stay!) and some days we get there and others we have to go back to the basics but I am learning to be very patient and focus on building on those basics.  Down and stay are his hardest commands, especially when there are various "distractions".  We practice as much as we can and he is getting better and better.  Above you see him in our local Barnes and Nobles as I check out all the new books (that was so nice to finally have time for!), and practicing under at the local pharmacy as I wait for a prescription (for a sinus infection, I really DON'T have time for :-)  As we go into the next month we have a lot to look forward to and keep learning.  Biscuit LOVES water and we will soon venture to the neighborhood lake, we are taking a vacation to see our cousins and visit the BEACH (did I say BEACH!?), so we will see how learning to swim goes.  He also has started novice training classes and these are a step up and I hope he (and I) can learn a lot and prepare him even more for what is to come.  Can't wait.

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